Productive muslim.

Last night,coincidently i saw this video from one of my sister friends page.
SubahanAllah, the video is simple and easy to understand.
Im very sure, even the small kids also can understand it.

All of you can watch the video at Productive Muslim channel at youtube.
Website of productive muslim discuss a lot of topic that related with our daily life. Productivemuslim.com.
Or you can like the page of productivemuslim at facebook. To get update news or video.

Lets us together to become a productive muslim, and make islam as our way of life :)

~ Suite with me. hehhehe


  1. amat productive memandangkan ramai yg lebih tumpukan kpd media banding buku2. tp bagus sbb simple, efective dan bermakna

  2. yes u are right! more productive using internet as a medium to spread the da'wah. :)


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