“I’m a Pirate, Take Me To Stranger Tides!”

Hehehe. When i was a kid, i always play" pirate"
with my little brother .Huhuh. When i watch Pirates of Carribbean its remind me my childhood memories. Ah so sweet!
Did you all know, there is 3 best thing about being a pirate!

I can travel around the world, with my ship.
Besides, i can make a new friends with others "pirate". Hahaha
I love travelling. I can see a new places and have fun at new places.
Besides, i can find a good places for my new territory .
"Ahoy , mateys!! Let's us travel around the world and take me to stranger tides!"

I will have lots of money. Hahaha.
This is because, i will hunt the treasure and find the gold.
My ship have a new technology that can track a treasure and gold! Hahaha.
I will be rich than Jack Sparrow .

My life will be adventure.I will meet with many fairytale creature from the beauty mermaid until the ugly octopus.
I will fight with my enemies and i have lots of loyal follower that will protect me from my enemies.
Since , i've already travel around the world.
All of my enemies will afraid with me because i have lots of pirates friends around the world
Hehehe. Beware enemy! You should be careful with me!

But... All of the pirates must be jealous with the popularity of Jack Sparrow ! Lets us meet him at the GSC Mid Valley and watch his adventure in "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides!"

Pirates of the Caribbean 4

p/s: this post is when nina turns to 5 years old kids! Under nuffnang contest


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