"Stop child abuse"

Child abuse?

Child abuse happens when an adult mistreats or neglects a child. The person who abuses is misusing their position of trust and authority. This could be a parent, guardian, paid caregiver or sibling.Children depend upon adults to protect them, support them and help them survive. Being abused damages their sense of safety. It also makes them more likely to be abused and exploited in the future.Child abuse is a silent crime. It can happen in all cultures, social classes, and religions. Also, children with disabilities are more at risk for abuse.


Child abuse at Malaysia.

The number of reported child abuse cases in Malaysia has been increasing in the last few years. This trend is alarming, especially as it may represent only the "tip of the iceberg". While statistics of reported abuse cases are published annually, these alone may not reflect the extent of abuse in a population, the severity of abuse over time or why abuse is occurring.

While various factors are commonly associated with the incidence of child abuse, little is known as to how they may or may not contribute to child abuse within the Malaysian context. Against this background, it is desirable to conduct a comprehensive study of child abuse to help us understand the scope and severity of the issue in the general population.

This study would also help establish benchmarks for the measurement of child abuse, which would enable the monitoring of future trends in the abuse of children, and in public attitudes towards it. The findings of the study would also be instrumental in developing effective and evidence-based interventions needed to protect children from abuse to ensure them of a safe childhood and a future full of promise.


Acts of child abuse that I hope would never see to happen again in the future is


Neglect means not giving the child what they need to develop. It can hurt the child both emotionally and physically. A parent or caregiver is neglecting a child when they:

  • don't make them feel loved, wanted, safe and worthy
  • don't let them see a doctor or take personal care of themselves
  • don't intervene when the child is at risk of harm

Physical abuse

Physical abuse means inflicting physical harm on a child's body. It may involve abusing a child a single time, or it may involve a pattern of incidents. Some examples are:

  • Shaking, choking, biting, kicking or burning a child
  • Handling a child roughly when helping them with dressing and going to the bathroom
  • Using force or restraint in any other harmful way.

Often the parents feel they need to physically punish or discipline the child. They may also think what they are doing is good for the child. An example of this is female genital mutilation (also known as "female circumcision").Physical abuse sometimes leaves the child with a permanent disability. For example, a child may end up deaf, become paraplegic or have brain or spinal cord injury.

Sexual abuse

This happens when an adult or adolescent uses a child for sexual purposes. It can also mean exposing them to sexual activity or behavior. It can include:

  • touching and kissing a child's breasts or genitals
  • inviting the child to touch someone else sexually
  • having sex with a child family member
  • Forcing a child into prostitution or pornography.

Child sexual abuse is usually repeated, and can go on for a long time. It is also emotionally abusive. Sexual abuse is against the law in Canada. Yet it is probably the form of abuse that people report the least.

Emotional abuse

Emotional abuse includes other acts that can harm a child's sense of worth. It is usually part of a long-term problem. It harms a child's self-confidence when an adult insults, rejects or humiliates them often. Other examples of emotional abuse include:

  • Isolating a child - keeping them away from other children, or removing their wheelchair or hearing aids.
  • Intimidating or terrorizing a child - locking children in closets or basements, threatening or shouting at them, making them fear the adult.
  • Exploiting a child - having them do things children don't normally do, like working when they should be in school.


After I read a few article about child abuse and see some of the picture of child abuse. I feel so angry. This is because my parents never do this to me, my parents always love me and if they want to teach me, they never used physical abuse as a medium to teach their children.Every children in this world doesn’t want to be the victim of child abuse. They only want love from their parents.

Everyone can do something to stop child abuse. To people outside there. Please stop child abuse! Love the kids. STOP CHILD ABUSE!


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  1. This is so sad. parents should stop abusing children. its enough. children are going to start wishing that they werent alive or not being a kid


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