It is my birthday!

21 years old.
Tanggungjawab bertambah
Usia meningkat.
Perlu lebih matang
Lebih rajin belajar
Kurangkan bermain.

Huhuhu.. apa2 pun.. Setiap kali adik-beradik aku umur 21 years old. Mak aku mesti buat pulut kuning.. Hheehhe.. This year agak best coz wish aku tercapai! Yeah..Ice cream cake from baskin robbins... Hahahha( sgt childish rite!)

For the picture i will upload later!
Thanx to my famly.. Ahmad and friends...



Review of Tron: Legacy

I have been waiting for this
Hahaha.. First time actually masuk contest!
Yeah.. best present for my birthday.. yeah2...
Tak nak cakap banyak2...
Thank you nuffnang and TGV ..

From contest
TGV Sunway Pyramid

Nak amek ticket from nuffnang punya lah lawak. Sebelah meja nuffnang ada rotary club. Aku dah plek apsal ak beratur kat sini. Sejak bila lah aku masuk dalam rotary club... HAHAHAHHA
Waa... Before nak masuk, security penuh nyer.. Sampai aku rasa dah mcm tempat kastam la pula, kena bg kita nyer hand phone. Yelah takut rakam cerita nie.. Hahahha..
Jangan risau lah... Hand phone aku dah hbs bateri. Dengan rela hati jer lah bg dia org simpan. Huhuhu.. Namun bila nak balik tu menyebabkan lambat. coz nak beratur punya lah panjang semata2 nak amek handphone.

Review of tron:Legacy

Memandangkan tak dapat tgk 3D.Cume dapat tgk in 2D. Rasa kurang best sket, di tambah dgn hall 9 dkt tgv sunway pyramid yg kecik and screen yg kecik (Owh walaupun dia besar.. tp ak rasa kecik jgak utk size sebuah wayang) Nsb baik dapat duduk center ..

Cerita nie. Kalau aku cerita panjang2 karang jadi basi pula. Orang nak tgk. Spoil jer. Hehehe..
Apa2 pun better watch this movie in 3D. Lagi bagus and lagi best.
Cume comment yg nak bg kat cerita nie. Based on my own review, ak rasa dia mcm nak lawan sket konsep ketuhanan, mcm dia org hormat sgt dgn kevin flynn pencipta all the program.
Cume ada rasa sket best. Coz imagine macam kita masuk computer, and berjumpa dgn application, program. Hehehe.. Nsb baik tak jumpa server, database sume..

Ada some part , about coding. And mcm kita main computer lak, kita ubah2 code. bila tak jadi2. Hentak2 komputer.. Hahahha...
Maybe in term of technique filem nie boleh menang coz memang superb lah.. cume plot dia sikit lah.. need more action! hahahha

Well, bg cerita nie 6 or 7 over 10. Xleh nak bg full .. Kena tgk dalam 3D baru feel... Huhuhu
Selingan pic bawah tu waktu contest programming dkt uia


Kaki terbakar

Kisah nyer. Aku nak goreng telur.. Di pendekkan cerita, ada kain atas periuk sebelah tempat aku goreng.. Aku dah angkat kain tu.. tp tak pula perasan kain tu dah kena api.. Then dah terbakar sket..
Apa lagi aku cepat2 angkat nak letak kat sink, bg memadam api.. Tetiba ada secebis kain yang dah terbakar jatuh ke kaki aku.. Pergh.. Cepat2 la tarik kain yg dah terbakar tu dari kaki aku yg kena di ibu jari kaki belah kanan.. Time tarik tu.. (ok.. agak ngeri di sini.. kalau anda bayangkan) dia tertarik sket dgn kulit kaki aku..
Entah mana datang kebal hang tuah.. Sampai aku tak nagis.. Dah 2 min bru aku bgthu aku kena.. Adik aku dah cuak2 tengok kaki aku..

Baru letak minyak gamat lepas kena.

Waktu kena tu, aku sempat terpikir..Ya Allah azab api neraka lagi dashat.. SubahanAllah.. jauhkan lah aku dari kena azab api neraka.. Amin..Setakat nie.. pakai minyak gamat.. Ada gak dapat banyak tips dapat dari rakan2 aku..

Tips apabila melecur, terkena api atau minyak panas...

  1. 5min pertama kenakan air kat tempat yg melecur.. Tapi aku rasa kalau kes aku.. xleh dah kena air coz sakit oooo.. Lebih sesuai utk yg kena minyak dgn melecur jer lah kot.
  2. Kalau kena air panas, letak colgate dkt tempat yg kena air panas.
  3. Pakai gel gamat, benda2 yg seangkatan dengan gamat.. Baik utk kulit yg luka.
  4. Special dr cikgu Normasmizah , pokok mas chotek mempunyai 1000 kegunaan.
    ".getah dia mmg elok sgt utk kes2 melecur, melecet, terkena pisau, paku n yg seangkatan... titikkan getah dr daun @ btg pokok 2 kat tmpt luka, insyaallah klau bdarah terus berenti n klau melecur x mengelembung n x meninggalkan kesan... ari 2 anak teacher kene kudis blk kg letak kat sume kudis 2 ari terus kering nntanggal... pas 2 terus la teacher wat stok pokok 2 kat umh.. dlm pasu je..."

Sekarang nie, pakai selipar jer lah kerja aku.. Hehehe.. Nsb baik kat kaki, bukan dkt muka. Kalau tidak, kena tahan wad, buat plastic surgery.. Huhuhu..
Alhamdulillah , pakai socks yer pengajaran nyer.. Nina.. hehe


Good news for nuffnagers!

Good news for all nuffnangers that will celebrate their birthday !
there might be a little surprise in store for you because TGV Cinemas is giving out 1,000complimentary passes every month to Nuffnangers celebrating their birthday!
Starting December 2010, you might be one of the lucky Nuffnangers getting complimentary passes from TGV Cinemas during your birthday month! How’s that for a little something more to brighten up your birthday :)

The TGV Birthday Surprise for Nuffnangers is open to all Glitterati Nuffnangers residing in the Klang Valley.

(I stay at Klang Valley, Glitterati Nuffnangers and my birthday this month!! Yeahhh)

Every month, 250 Glitterati Nuffnangers will be randomly chosen to receive FOUR (4) complimentary tickets to ANY movie* in ANY TGV outlet nationwide!


Hope i am the one of the lucky person to get birthday suprise for Nuffnagers! Hehehehe

p/s:Sapa tak mau hadiah! Thank you TGV and Nuffnang


“Case of the Stolen Keys to Tron: Legacy by TGV”

Arghh NOOO!!!! Someone has stolen the keys and where have they been hidden??? Oh no!!… How I can watch the movie if the keys has been stole by someone!

The keys that need to safe containing TRON: Legacy show reels taken from projectionist’s room at TGV cinemas!! They’re asking for help from all Malaysians to help find the keys and the culprit who did it!

MISSION 1: Find the footprint!

Don’t worry TGV: Here’s come the Hackers girl. Even though I am not a Sherlock Holmes or Dr Watson I can find more clues this mystery of lost key at www.facebook.com/TGVCinemas .

If you succeed, prizes worth up to RM20,000 !! Hahahah..

TGV Cinemas and partners are giving out A Private Screening Hall for any movie + a Panasonic 50” 3DTV and many other attractive prizes to the ones who manage to solve the case.

Find the footprint!! If you want to win at www.facebook.com/TGVCinemas

Hackers girls will become more famous than Sherlock Holmes or Dr.Watson after this!


I will catch the thief and give the key so, I with others bloggers will win the exclusive invites to the Premiere Screening of Tron: Legacy at the same time.

Be careful the thief. Hackers girls just around you. I will be like Sam Flynn to catch you!


The hackers girl can't wait to watch the movie! Here everyone enjoy the TRON:LEGACY official Trailer

TRON: Legacy” is a 3D high-tech adventure set in a digital world that’s unlike anything ever captured on the big screen. Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund), a rebellious 27-year-old, is haunted by the mysterious disappearance of his father Kevin Flynn (Oscar®- and Golden Globe®-winner Jeff Bridges), a man once known as the world’s leading video-game developer. When Sam investigates a strange signal sent from the old Flynn’s Arcade—a signal that could only come from his father—he finds himself pulled into a digital world where Kevin has been trapped for 20 years. With the help of the fearless warrior Quorra (Olivia Wilde), father and son embark on a life-and-death journey across a visually-stunning cyber universe—a universe created by Kevin himself that has become far more advanced with never-before-imagined vehicles, weapons, landscapes and a ruthless villain who will stop at nothing to prevent their escape. Presented in Disney Digital 3D™ and scored by Grammy® Award-winning electronic music duo Daft Punk, “TRON: Legacy” hits U.S. theaters on Dec. 17, 2010, in Disney Digital 3D™ and IMAX® 3D

"Stop child abuse"

Child abuse?

Child abuse happens when an adult mistreats or neglects a child. The person who abuses is misusing their position of trust and authority. This could be a parent, guardian, paid caregiver or sibling.Children depend upon adults to protect them, support them and help them survive. Being abused damages their sense of safety. It also makes them more likely to be abused and exploited in the future.Child abuse is a silent crime. It can happen in all cultures, social classes, and religions. Also, children with disabilities are more at risk for abuse.


Child abuse at Malaysia.

The number of reported child abuse cases in Malaysia has been increasing in the last few years. This trend is alarming, especially as it may represent only the "tip of the iceberg". While statistics of reported abuse cases are published annually, these alone may not reflect the extent of abuse in a population, the severity of abuse over time or why abuse is occurring.

While various factors are commonly associated with the incidence of child abuse, little is known as to how they may or may not contribute to child abuse within the Malaysian context. Against this background, it is desirable to conduct a comprehensive study of child abuse to help us understand the scope and severity of the issue in the general population.

This study would also help establish benchmarks for the measurement of child abuse, which would enable the monitoring of future trends in the abuse of children, and in public attitudes towards it. The findings of the study would also be instrumental in developing effective and evidence-based interventions needed to protect children from abuse to ensure them of a safe childhood and a future full of promise.


Acts of child abuse that I hope would never see to happen again in the future is


Neglect means not giving the child what they need to develop. It can hurt the child both emotionally and physically. A parent or caregiver is neglecting a child when they:

  • don't make them feel loved, wanted, safe and worthy
  • don't let them see a doctor or take personal care of themselves
  • don't intervene when the child is at risk of harm

Physical abuse

Physical abuse means inflicting physical harm on a child's body. It may involve abusing a child a single time, or it may involve a pattern of incidents. Some examples are:

  • Shaking, choking, biting, kicking or burning a child
  • Handling a child roughly when helping them with dressing and going to the bathroom
  • Using force or restraint in any other harmful way.

Often the parents feel they need to physically punish or discipline the child. They may also think what they are doing is good for the child. An example of this is female genital mutilation (also known as "female circumcision").Physical abuse sometimes leaves the child with a permanent disability. For example, a child may end up deaf, become paraplegic or have brain or spinal cord injury.

Sexual abuse

This happens when an adult or adolescent uses a child for sexual purposes. It can also mean exposing them to sexual activity or behavior. It can include:

  • touching and kissing a child's breasts or genitals
  • inviting the child to touch someone else sexually
  • having sex with a child family member
  • Forcing a child into prostitution or pornography.

Child sexual abuse is usually repeated, and can go on for a long time. It is also emotionally abusive. Sexual abuse is against the law in Canada. Yet it is probably the form of abuse that people report the least.

Emotional abuse

Emotional abuse includes other acts that can harm a child's sense of worth. It is usually part of a long-term problem. It harms a child's self-confidence when an adult insults, rejects or humiliates them often. Other examples of emotional abuse include:

  • Isolating a child - keeping them away from other children, or removing their wheelchair or hearing aids.
  • Intimidating or terrorizing a child - locking children in closets or basements, threatening or shouting at them, making them fear the adult.
  • Exploiting a child - having them do things children don't normally do, like working when they should be in school.


After I read a few article about child abuse and see some of the picture of child abuse. I feel so angry. This is because my parents never do this to me, my parents always love me and if they want to teach me, they never used physical abuse as a medium to teach their children.Every children in this world doesn’t want to be the victim of child abuse. They only want love from their parents.

Everyone can do something to stop child abuse. To people outside there. Please stop child abuse! Love the kids. STOP CHILD ABUSE!



Shawl ooo shawl!

Hari ini.. Yer .. for the first time.. apa yg terjadi hari ini.. Saya tulis terus dalam blog..
Mula2 teman along beli her dress for dinner tonite kat times square.. Mencari tudung sume.. and theme for her dinner is "Denim and diamond" so.. kena la cari tudung yg ada blink2 ag meriah..
Jd aku cadangkan kat akak aku satu tudung yg dipanggil " shawl jipsi" rasanye lah...

contoh sahaja yer..aku tak beli ini..

Sampai satu kedai yg dkt tengah2.. biasa nyer times square ada kawasan tengah2 yg jual jam , beg murah2.. ada lak kedai hujung skali jual shawl.... Bese nya price order online or dekat luar aku tgk around 20-25.. tapi kat kedai mak cik nie.. dia jual only RM15!! wooo.. murah rm5 .. Apa ag akak aku tibai sampai 2 shawl.. Aku yg tak da duit sgt nie.. satu jer ler yer.. Gigit jari ooo.. tgk shawl cantik2 and murah2.. hehehe..

Tibe dkt rumah.. aku pening mcm mana nak pakai tudung jipsi nie.. apa ag.. tgk youtube la.. mcm2 tutorial cara nak pakai shawl ada kat situ..

nie antara satu tutorial ak jumpa!.. banyak ag tutorial kat youtube.. hehehe... selain tu jumpa gak mcm mana nak pakai inner syria.. rupa2 nyer potong sket kat bahagian belakang.. hahah..(lmbt betul)

hari ini adalah DAY OF SURFING SHAWL!


Tips-tips blog

Aku dapat tips blog nie dr someone..
Dia kata.. " Jangan blog waktu kite tengah marah, stress atau dalam keadaan diri kite yg tengah tak stabil.. Sebab nyer, waktu kite tengah marah.. Macam2 keluar .. Macam2 kite sebut.. Benda2 yg kite tak suka orang sebut kat diri kite.. Kite akan sebut .. or tulis ..hehehe"

"Kadang-kala perasaan marah atau yg sekutu dgn nyer .. Harus kite control coz nafsu amarah adalah perangai syaitan.. "
Yup, orang yang dapat mengawal kemarahan adalah orang yg hebat..
Bile aku fikir semula.. Betol lah.. tak perlu aku tulis kemarahan atau stress kite kat bloging..
Tp depends dgn orang.. Kadang2 orang dapat hilangkan stress melalui blog..

Another tips dia bg.. "Bila marah buka notepad.. Then tulis la apa yg kite nak tulis.. Nak maki ker.. Nak marah2 ke.. Nak tulis capital letter ker.. Up to u.. Then delete it!"

Aku apply it.. Yes, it work it.. Coz dulu aku igt ag zaman before blog .. waktu darjah 6 kot.. Try lah buat diari.. Diari dgn blog lebih kurang sama jer .. Cuma beza blog sume orang baca.. Diari sendiri baca..
Kadang2 aku gelak, bila baca diari..Apa jer lah yg aku tulis nie.. Nak marah2 orang jer reti.. Rasa malu pula dgn perangai buruk diri sendiri.. Huhu

So, next time bila marah buka notepad! Then dah habis marah.. Delete it! :)

Yg nie cume pendapat aku dgn si dia.. Jangan terasa atau ambil hati.. Yg penting. Always think positif and enjoy the life.. :)


Main masak-masak

Holiday adalah waktu terbaik utk student yg lama bertapa dengan buku.. Bertukar profession menjadi seorang chef.. Hohoho

Aku ada terfikir.. Cuti biasanya 1 bulan , 1 bulan ada 4 minggu... Dalam 1 minggu main masak-masak 2 resepi. Cukup 1 bulan belajar 8 resepi. Ada 3 kali cuti sem jadi ada 24 resepi belajar.. Hehehe...

So, last week aku and kak long.. Turut di bantu oleh pembantu2 yg bagus.. Hahaha
Credit to along for the resepi. Hehehe

So Macaronie bakar and oreo cheesecake! Senang jer nak masak janji cukup bahan kenyang..
Cume jangan masak benda nie selalu.. Hahaha.. Fully cheese!!!

Oreo cheesecake yg yummy!

Hasil macaroni bakar! Banyak nyer cheese hahaha...
Next week nak try apa..
Sue saya suka tgk ur triffle.. Hehehe.. rasa nyer wkt cuti adalah wkt terbaik jd suri rumah tak sepenuh masa. Hahaha

Harry potter! Wah two thumbs up.. Rasa nyer tak sabar nak g tgk next year! Yeahh..

Adikku harith berangan nak jadi harry potter.. Kat dalam wayang asyik tanya sebab tak faham.. Hahaha

Selingan jer filem 2 alam.. Aku tak tgk cerita nie ek. Cume wonder nape dR. rozmey letak muka dia jer berbanding muka actor yg berlakon? Hahahha


Chinese wedding

The bride
13 November 2010

Aku , mr.ahmad and kak long ku telah attend wedding kawan along (Khim).. Cuma yg membezakan nyer kali ini.. Wedding tu adalah Chinese wedding ... Mungkin sesetengah Malay atau khusus nyer orang islam risau utk attend others race wedding di sebabkan risau mengenai status halal makanan yg di hidangkan... Tapi kak long awal ag2 dah tnya, dkt kawan dia.. and her friends punya bagus sampai call manager Hotel Equatorial Bangi mengenai status halal makanan.. So, jgn risau yer.. Coz dia orang tak masak pakai wain and tak ada non-halal food pun di situ..

Huhuhu... aku pakai baju kahwin mak aku 28 years ago.. Fuh still nice and good quality.. Since acara dia org start at 7 kite orang pun gerak awal. Yg nak tergelak nyer, g beli hadiah pakai cantik2 sume orang pandang.. Nsb baik time tu tak pakai ag heel 4 inch tu..
So , kite orang sesat sampai ke bandar lama bangi .. Hahaha.. Blame the GPS! Nsb baik dapat sampai agak awal and tak start ag majlis.. So, solat dulu before eat! Heheheh

Yg best nyer, food presentation from hotel di mulakan dgn pahlawan cina yg bermuka melayu.. hahahha.. Then , dia org angkat lak kerang yg besar.. Agak pelik, skali tetiba keluar perempuan hidang makanan dr cengkerang.. Huhuhu..
All da 7 dishes sedap and menarik! Huhhu.. Yg bagus nyer, tak perlu membazir dgn pelamin, and pengantin dapat berjumpa dengan semua orang yg attend wedding dia.. Huhhu..

Yg menarik nyer, ada satu acara yg "yammmmmmmmmmm.... seng.." Iaitu mengangkat air , yg meraikan perkahwinan pengantin.. Alah mcm mat salleh angkat air sebut cheers tu..heheh.. Then, minum... The more longer sebut yammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm .. seng... lagi bagus utk mereka... Hehehhe...First pengalaman buat aku, mr.ahmad and kak long...

cube nak edit pic.. hehee

Apa2 pun.. Kite orang dapat differentiated between wedding Malay and Chinese.... Setiap benda ada pro and contra. Apa2 pun yg important .. Wedding memang merapatkan famly members and frens..
Ok nie pic kami wif the bride... Table 19!
Me and kak long.. owh i look a bit chubby here...

Kami pulang dengan pengalaman baru.. Hehehhe



Exam 1
Memandangkan my last final paper saya ialah Digital design
dan belajar all about design the electronic stuff dan juga ada binary number...
Final exam dah habis.. tawakal kat Allah.. Harap2 sume dapat bagus and get good mark.. amin..

Exam2 (secara ttb kena wat exam 2.. hehehe )
Saya ada new binary number - 101110 hehehe...
Yup, for the first time new thing happen at 101110..
Huhuhu.. cuak but it's a pengalaman..
I try to be better next time wokey!

Exam 3..
Yup before 15 kena study ..
Can i call it as oficially i finish all my exam?


Things to do!

  1. Bukit broga
  2. Amek picture kat bukit broga.
  3. Amek picture cantik2 kat bukit broga
  4. Mesti sampai peak kat bukit broga..
  5. Everything.. BROGA!
Hehehehe...Lepas tu baru pk, bank rakyat.. Wedding kawan along..
Nak pakai baju apa.. Bla2... study2... pointer.. result..


Exam mood

Currently exam mood..
Tinggal ada ag 3 paper..
Entah ,apa nak jd dgn paper before.. Networking.. Nsb baik carry mark dah lepas..
Tak ada la aku ngulang dat subject.. Cume risau la.. Please.. I want at least B/B+
Hahahah.. High expectation.. Dush!

Okay.. Ada ag 3 paper..Web prog- focus more on java script.. Tu la dalam claz x dgr...
Statistic- Kena usaha keras dan jaya!
DSF- nsb baik la final exam open book.. Tetapi td dtg bilik sir, dan aku tak berjaya mendapat apa tips keluar exam.. ahahahah

Sekarang nie, asal baca note je ngantuk.. Kalau tak tdor atas meja.. Mesti bangun2 jer atas katil..
Heheheh... Susah2... Wake up nina! Go and study for another 3 paper..
InsyaAllah u can do it..
Doa2 la sir suka jawapan aku.. Then, bg mark lebeh2 kat aku.. Huhuhu..

Ada satu quote utk korang

"Nak naik pointer tu sakit,
tp nak jatuh pointer tu senang.. Opss"

Pengajaran nyer.. Saya harus study.. sekian terima kasih..


DSF project...

First of all .. Special thanx to Kak Anis and kak jannah sudi tolong kami..... Not to forget my group mate.. Sue and Is....Yg banyak membantu...
Yeah... Siap juga our project dsf..

At first risau gak kalau x dapat siapkan project nie before due date.. And kalau project tak berjaya..
Tp Alhamdulillah..Berjaya juga akhirnya..
Thanx to sue and father sue(pak cik roslan) sudi beli new board circuit and dapat gak saya practice belajar pasang wayar2 and fahamkan mcm mana circuit tu function...

Thanx to is .. Awal2 tolong senaraikan circuit.. and sudi datang walau sakit2... Jgn tidor kat ict ag ek.. Bahaya .. huhhu...

Thanx to kak anis.. Mula2 sudi terangkan and guide.. And baru faham kena pakai data sheet.. Utk baca mcm mana circuit leh pasang...

A lot of thanx to kak jannah...Because akak kite orang nyer circuit tak serabut ... Heheheh...
And berjaya akhirnya lampu itu menyala..

Mesti orang plek.. apa la budak ict buat dgn circuit..Waktu aku dgn sue duk kat student lounge hafsah.. Sume orang pandang.. ada gak bdk engine tanya... Amek major apa.. mechatronic or electronic.. Hahahah.. Kite orang dua gelak gile.. Sambil jawab... Course ict.. Muka masing2 plek.. At first, wkt kak anis bgthu kak jannah .. yg bdk ict nak minta tlg ajar project..Dia dah cuak, bdk ict suruh aku wat benda networking ker.. Skali bila tgk project kami.. Tak sampai setengah jam kak jannah pasang circuit tu.. Yelah student robotic.. Bila kak jannah suruh kami buka semula and pasang balik.. Berat nyer hati, tp at last bila ada sue.. Sue tolong pasang.. Yeah.. saya sebenar nyer agak blur.. Tp lepas tu dah faham mcm mana circuit tu function.. Thanx ya sue.. :)

Nak tgk kite orang nyer circuit..

Nie waktu kat student lounge b4 jumpa kak jannah..

Ok yang nie after jumpa kak jannah..Our group project..
Sangat lega bila dah siap.. and siap early than our expectation.. Thanx again.. Kak jannah, kak anis, sue, and is... :)

Apa yg penting? Kerjasama.. We did it! :)


Welcome my new toy!


Igt every 4 years.. Nak sambut bufday my laptop.. Tapi rupanyer tak boleh coz ada banyak problem.. Until x leh nak charge ag.. so, mcm mana nak buka laptop rite..

I still remember.. wkt beli laptop .. dgn alya, azhani, and hasna.. Beli laptop.. Mula2 pergi lowyut.. Survey, laptop.. Then beli acer.. Since, time tu ramai beli laptop acer .. Yg agak murah.. Aku pun beli.. cume time tu pakai core 2 duo .. Mcm dah hebat sgt lah tu.. hahahahah...

First week pakai dah ada problem.. Ada someone delete system aku..Aduh!Around 3 days lah xada laptop.. HAhahah... Punca beli laptop .. aku kan bdk ict.. So, kena la ada laptop , ag pun nak kena siapkan project internet..

Laptop start buat hardware problem, dgn dia rosak kat tempat charger... Banyak kali gak lak aku g jumpa cina yg jual charger murah tu.. Coz dia kata bleh tukar kalau rosak.. Entah2 barang dia bg low quality.. So, aku decide beli la charger mahal sket.. Around rm70 tahan lama.. and still ok...

Masalah datang ag.. Problem dekat bateri lak.. Dia xleh tahan lama.. Around 1/2 hour.. Tapi aku tahu.. mmg masalah laptop bese nyer bateri..

Masalah 3 lak.. Tempat charger,.. Ni big problem..Sebab xleh nak charge... Tempat charge dah masuk ke dalam.. Entah mcm mana, tp aku dgn kak long pun mempunyai masalah yg sama.. Cume along hantar baiki.. Tp aku kena pandai2 ubah2 kedudukan kasi boleh charge..

Makin lama tempat charge tu dah teruk.. Finally dia dah x leh charge ag.. So, aku kena la wat back up plan.. Disebabkan itu..Aku kena beli new toy.. Nak mengelak masalah hardware, dan juga lebih tahan lama.. Ok my laptop tu ..nnt aku hantar g jumpa dr.sakit laptop utk di baiki..

Best tak bile laptop anda jadi mcm nie? Hahahah..

So, bila laptop dah sihat.. Saya ada 2 toy! Yeah.. my room dah jd space ship..Or bleh jadi cc.


WELCOME MY NEW TOY! hehehe.. love it so much... Hope i can take care you like i always do to that one person. hoho :D

Special thanx to en.Ahmad sudi teman n beli my new toy.. Sudi g masuk kan windows.. Masuk kan all the software.. Teach me mcm mana nak pasang monitor and all those things.. I berjaya juga.. Thanx a lot.. i love ur notes at desktop.. Hehehehe :)


Kasih ibu.

Besar nyer pengorbanan ibu..
Hari tu wkt senior 3rd year register subject ..
Ada one of sister yg dah kahwin and dah ada baby bawa anak dia wkt pre register..
So cute la!
Besar nyer pengorbanan ibu.. Wkt belajar bawa anak...

Then.. Wkt petang rasa nyer claz utk master student..
Nampak ada ibu yg bawa anak dalam claz..
Jadi rasa sangat bangga dengan ibu tersebut...
Wow.. Dia bleh dodoikan anak nyer sambil belajar..
Besar nyer pengorbanan ibu.. Sampai dalam claz menjaga anak..

Wkt ini aku dapat rasa besar pengorbanan ibu..
Melahir dan menjaga anak..
Apabila mempunyai anak.. tanggungjawab sebagai seorang ibu tidak akan pernah berakhir..
Menjaga.. mendidik..
Kasih ibu sehingga ke syurga...

p/s: Mak tetiba nina terasa nak makan pengat pisang.. Lapar... hari2 kena mengadap coding and project... Nina tak stado mak.. Sem nie nina amek banyak subject.. Mak doa la nina berjaya... Takut sgt result turun.. Tp x nak turun.. Nnt kecewakan mak.. Ok la mak.. Nina sambung wat coding.. Jap ag study quiz statistic.. Esk ada quiz..!! weee.. Byk nyer kerja.. (buat2 muka happy yer nina :)



Special thanx to all my team mate..
Question 2..
Section 35..
Instructor- Bro.Aliyu Dahiru..

All of u are great team member..
Sume buat kerja..
Sume bersatu-padu..
Thanx to kak zeehan and ain..
You both are great presenter!

Yeah!! Kita dapat pujian melambung2 dr lecture tu..
And they notice all of us wearing jubah hitam wif tudung pink..
except for our project manager (kak zeehan) and assistant project manager(ain)
wearing grey tudung..

I am lucky to be wif this team..
Not to forget.. Sal.. for always with me as a Program Coordinator..

Our project is "survey on campus without transportation"
So, we make one program from this question... Which is" walk of life-lets go green"

Supposed our presentation time at 10.20am but its extend until 12pm..Haish...
Here, some of da pic before and after the presentation..

Thanx to all of u .. I had a great time wif all of u.. Muaxx :x


Air mata ku..

Air mata ku menitis kembali...
Kali ini aku mengenang sejenak..
Akan dosa ku ..

Aku terfikir..
Dapatkah aku berjumpa dengan Pencipta Alam ini..
Dapatkah aku syafaat dari Rasullullah ketika di padang mahsyar nanti..

Aku bersujud padamu Ya Allah...
Berikan lah kekuatan kepada ku..
Agar sentiasa di beri hidayah.. dan kekuatan..
Agar di jauhkan dari segala maksiat dan fitnah..

Aku bersyukur kerana islam agamaku..
Ya Allah.. ampun kan dosa ku.. dan dosa2 umat islam...


Budak CS!

Tidak la aku kata berbangga giler menjadi part of cs student..
Cume aku dah aim nak masuk cs since kat foundation lagi...
Basically, aku dah tau dalam kepala yg cs=programming + coding..

Tapi tak semestinya budak cs kena belajar programming 24 hours..
Ada gak subject2 math yg kite orang kena amek..
Antaranya statistic dan juga calculus...

Tadi ketika discussion leadership.. Aku pinjam buku statistic ..
Budak group mate aku pelik.. ICT pun kena amek statistic gak ker?
Then aku jawab.. Kenapa? Mesti igt ict belajar computer jer kan?
Tak semestinya .. coz dalam computer tu sebenar nyer pakai logic operation..
So .. kite orang kena gak belajar calculus and all the mathematic stuff..
Aku suka math... Yup.. since sekolah rendah aku suka math..
Tp aku dah lama tinggal kan statistic.. Dari foundation until last sem banyak involve dengan calculus..So, aku agak lupa dengan statistic..
Mcam mana nie..statistic aku perlukan pemerhatian..
Final exam dah nak dekatt...Really hope aku dapat faham.. and catch up cepat subject nie.. Amin..

Ok back to the programming..
Currently buat assignment 3 computer networking! Bukan programing!
Tapi assignment nie punya susah sampai jadi individual project
Kite orang kena change the code2 then boleh appear dkt emulator phone ..
So.. aku amek android..
Haish nak memahamkan code android nie.. Ibarat ko kena start balik belajar new thing!
So, jumpa la satu website android development..and droidraw.. Utk fahamkan gui inside android..
Sempat ke tak aku siapkan kerja nie?? tinggal 3 hari..

(sudah banyak bebel pasal assignment )
(ada 3 project tak siap ag.. web prog, dsf, dsa langsung tak sentuh .. haish~)
(harap2 dapat tempoh hidup as cs student dgn lancar.. amin)


Siti Mashithah

To my best frens.. I miss u..
Everytime kite streess.. mesti g klcc. tgk wayang..
Tak pun kite g play ground klcc main buaian.. Swing laju2..
Amek gambar.. :)
I miss that moment..
Rite now.. i miss u my best frens..
I wish u are here.. When all the stress around me..
I want u to share the stress together..
Mas, i miss to "kerepek" a lot with u..
I miss to talk a lot with u..
Laughing like "orang gila"..
Become gossip girl..

Truly to said.. i am not good in manage my studies..
Coz u are always beside me before..
I always copy ur quiz (hahhaha...everyone already know rite now.. )
Rite now, i dont have a gang to copy the quiz..

Mas, when u said u want to change the university.
I wish u change ur decision..
But, i know thats ur decision.. i cannot change it anything..

Yup.. rite now..
I try to learn without u around me..
Alhamdulillah i manage it...
Like u always said.. I have ahmad that always support me..
and i always have u that never forget about me as ur best frens..

Mas, best frens forever...
Lots of love to my BFF :)

(rite now at musolla asma..after finishing report web prog.. and tadi terpasang volume kuat lagu Maher Zain and aku rasa sume pandang aku.. wakakkaa)


Buatmu Kekasih

Salam, buat mu kekasih...

Selama ini diriku tertanya apakah yg menyebabkan dirimu selalu mengatakan aku cantik..
Dan kamu berkata..
"Kamu cantik dalam dan luaran.. Percayalah diriku "
Jika aku cantik dalam dan luaran.. Aku turut mau kamu merasa begitu wahai kekasih..
Sudikah kamu memenuhi permintaanku?

Sebelum aku menjadi isterimu...
Aku berharap agar dirimu di lengkapi ilmu agama..
Serta... Sudikah kamu menjadi imam kepada diriku...
Dan kamu berkata wahai kekasih ku...
"Aku terima.. Kerana ianya dapat membantu kita berdua... di dunia dan akhirat.."

Diriku sangat bahagia wahai kekasih...
Kamu sangat memahami..
Memahami tujuan ku dalam membina sebuah keluarga..
Keluarga yg memberi kebahagiaan dunia dan akhirat..

Selama ini, diriku melihat...
Ramai yg berkahwin...
Tetapi.. tidak dapat mempertahankan nyer kerana kurang ilmu agama...
Ramai yg berkahwin...
Tetapi ..tidak tahu hala tuju sebuah perkahwinan...
Ramai yg berkahwin..
Tetapi ..tidak tahu utk membawa anak isteri ke jalan apa...
Ramai yg berkahwin..
Tetapi.. tidak menilai erti sebuah perkahwinan..

Buat mu wahai kekasihku...
Semoga kita dapat membina sebuah bahtera perkahwinan..
Yg tahu hala tuju...
Yg tahu akan erti sebuah perkahwinan..
Dan dapat memberi kebahagiaan..
Dunia dan akhirat...

Buat mu wahai kekasihku..
Semoga kita dapat mengikut sunnah Rasullullah..
Agar menjadi sebuah keluarga bahagia..


Anywhere Everywhere Talk About Maher Zain.

Still hot issues at iium.. About Maher Zain came to iium ..
Anywhere .. Everywhere talk about Maher Zain.. Huhuhu....
When i at musolla.. suddenly i listen to one of sister group talk about Maher Zain...
I smile ...
Then... when i going out from musolla.. I listen to one group of sister... Sing a song of Maher Zain...
I smile again..
Then.. when i at my class.. One of the brothers phone ringing... And his ring tone from one of Maher Zain song..
I smile again.. and again..
Yup .. anywhere everywhere talk about Maher Zain..
His song really beauty.. and the message is clear and easy to understand..
Besides.. everyone enjoy his song...
Alhamdullillah..thanks Maher Zain for your beautiful song...
May Allah Bless u always..and u success in spreading the Islam and teaching of Islam..
InsyaAllah... Amin :)

Maher Zain Meet The Fan

Maher zain.. At first, aku tak kenal sapa maher zain ... But aku tolong kakakku mencari satu lagu islamic kat youtube, then terbuka la link one song nie.. "For the rest of my life" Maher zain..
Wkt dengar lagu nie aku igt, husband yg nama maher zain tujukan song nie utk wife dia.. Tp rupa nyer penyanyi tu nama dia Maher Zain.. Hahahah (lawak tul.. aku nie...)

Start from that day, aku download all of Maher Zain and listen to his song.. ( addicted to his song!) SubahanAllah, most of his song totally wonderful and make us always remember Allah and his messenger prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h)..

Bila Maher zain bgthu nak datang to Malaysia.. Berkobar2 nyer diri nie nak jumpa singer... and i found out that Maher Zain will come to my university- International Islamic University with affordable ticket price RM20.!

Date:6 October 2010
Day: Wednesday
Time :5.30pm-6.30pm -Maher Zain Meet The Fans...

Disebabkan penat selepas beli whooper... Balik bilik dulu rehat kejap...
4.45 kak anis ambik utk pergi ke cac .. Punya la semangat nak jumpa Maher Zain and pkul 5 jer dah ramai orang beratur.. Then, nampak sue and ecah dah beratur.. Kami pun join la dia org queue.. Huhuhu...

5.30p.m: Maher Zain still tak sampai.. Aku memang dah penat coz dr pagi tak rest.
Then 6.00pm ++ Maher Zain still tak sampai... Wajah dah penat, ecah dah balik rumah coz malas nak tunggu... Kak anis, aku dgn sue still tunggu coz berharap at least dapat amek picture maher zain infront of us!
Then , Maher Zain sampai around 6.30pm a big shock for me when the girl gone WILD screaming and pushing to get Maher Zain... A little bit sad , for those who already queue early than us because all the girls cut the queue to get a signature and picture from Maher Zain.
Since, i am not strong enough to become wild and pushing others. I and kak anis decide not to take signature from Maher Zain... so sad for me :(

Then, committee said if you want to take picture of Maher Zain wait at another side because Maher Zain will go there.. After a long time we waited, suddenly Maher Zain go to other side.. A big shock for us.. coz we just want to take ur picture..really make us as his fan feel sad...
But, i understand maybe Maher Zain want to perform for maghrib prayer and feel tired... (what to do, i don't have a chance to meet Maher Zain personally)
Since , we don't chase him .. we all decide to perform maghrib prayer and wait for the concert..

Maher zain- perform 2 song insyaAllah and Barakallah..He is a good singer and entertainer... If i go to his concert, i am very sure i had a lot of fun and enjoy during the concert...

Eventhough, i was tired because all the pushing like a "sardine can" but i feel satisfied because Maher Zain give a good performing that nite..

Oh yeah.. encik. Ahmad berjaya amek picture Maher Zain wkt dia tunggu kat luar.. Hahahha.. Kalau aku tahu.. dah lama tunggu kat luar bersama en. Ahmad mst byk pic ak snap.. Dush!!

encik..ahmad hanya berjaya amek pic nie jer .. wakakkaaka!
(*bahasa ku .. sangat tunggang-langgang * sila baca buku ya nina*)


Whooper RM1!

Dah nak basi cerita baru nak cerita..
Sebenar nyer.. ak sangat buzy lately.. dah percaya la sekarang nie ak tidor awal! Oh no... dah mcm zaman sekolah lak ak kena tidor awal.. haahaha...

Ok back to the story.. sebenar nyer nak 2 in 1 post cerita pasal maher zain and whooper .. Tp tak apa la.. kasi maher zain tu special post ek.. hahahahah

Hal kesah nyer,Burger king wat promotion whooper rm1 ak dapat tau dr sorang kawan ak nie... dia post dkt facebook..(en.lukman a.k.a zelo55) then, apa lagi terus ak g page Burger King at facebook utk mendapat kepastian.. Hehehhe... Ak nie yg dah lama gler tak makan fast food especially burger king mst la rasa berkobar-kobar nak makan... Makan pun ada berkobar-kobar gak yer.. Hahahha

Then, before claz networking... Ak nampak rakan2 claz networking ku.. telah pergi beramai2 dgn menaiki wira (yer.. sangat penuh mcm isi dalam tin sardin) mereka pergi membeli whooper..
Tiba di claz networking.. dah la dalam claz tu less than 10 orang.. kalau dah ramai2 pergi ker Burger king.. brapa kerat la orang dalam claz tu.. Hahahha..

Setelah 15min/30min berlalu... Dia org pun sampai... Bila sir keluar jer kejap dr claz.. Amboi.. Bising duk cerita whooper rm1 yg sedap tu! Dalam hati rasa... mana boleh nie.. ak pun kena bantai gak makan whooper tu.. hahahha

So, after zohor kami berdua pergi ke Burger King yg terdekat dgn uia! Nak tgk mcm mana keadaan drive thru Burger King!

Punya la ramai manusia beratur.. Even, dalam Burger King pun ramai beratur.. Di sebabkan parking tak ada.. Kita org pun drive thru jer la.. Since, clazmate cakap 1 org boleh beli 3 burger.. Rupa nyer,Burger King limitkan 1 kereta -3burger only! Jd 3 orang jer la makan.. Huhuhu.. Melainkan beratur dalam Burger King tu.. 1 org -3 burger...



Currently aku asyik mimpi yg pelik2 jer..
Haish.. nak kata ada gak yg menakutkan..
Ada yg mengembirakan..
Ada yg buat aku gelak..

Kadang2 bangun rasa nyer macam aku tegah tergelak..
Ada ker orang bangun tidor dan sedang tergelak mcm aku???

Pelik rite.. hahahha

(plek cik nina hari2 post... adakah ini salah satu cara release tension??
G twitter la.. privacy sket.. hehehe)


A (bukan nama sebenar): mempunyai masalah dgn B (bukan nama sebenar) dan juga plek dgn kelakuan rakan yg bernama C (bukan nama sebenar)

1.Melakukan kegiatan yg memang menentang arus agama .. (malam2 hari tak tidor.. kata nyer boleh release tension di tempat itu) Sudah terang lagi sportlight memberitahu C dan juga menunjuk kepada A dengan berpakaian "seksa" bahawa dia pergi ke tempat itu..
2. Tak solat, bg A dia kurang suka room mate nyer tidak solat, tapi kalau dah pergi tempat malam2 hari ada lagi ke ruang solat dalam hati nyer?? Bukan nyer A perfect, kadang- kala A ada tertinggal subuh.. Namun, A tidak tahu bagai mana utk menegur B.
3.Bercakap kuat dalam telefon.. Kadang- kala , A boleh dengar satu persatu apa yg di bualkan nyer.. Rasa nyer kalau hal privacy pun A tau akan kegiatan B.
4.Suka pasang lagu kuat2.. External speaker B, sudah cukup membuat bilik bergegar dan juga jg seperti tempat malam yg selalu B pergi.

Bg A, A cube jd pekakkan diri.. Buat selamba., A seperti biasa A baik juga dengan diri B.
Cuma masalah A.. A tidak tahu bgaimana utk menegur B, sedikit sebanyak A tau.. dia ada saham dalam dosa yg di buat B, kerana tidak menegur. ..

Bagaimana nak menegur B??

1.Kadang-kala C rasa B memang mengganggu diri nya kerana muzik yg di pasang agak kuat..
dan menyatakan menyampah dengan sesetengah kelaukan B.
2.Namun, C seolah melayan B.
Contoh nyer, ketika B mahu pergi ke tempat malam ada muzik. C memberi pendapat mengenai pakaian.. Bg A, sooo annoying!
Kadang-kala C, boleh mendengar cerita2 dr B.. mengenai kegiatan dan kehidupan sekeliling B.

Adakah C, support dengan kegiatan B? C boleh berkata kepada B..
" Have fun di tempat malam ada muzik itu....."

Apa patut A lakukan kepada C? Walaupun C, tidak pergi ke tempat malam ada muzik tetapi seolah2 C menyahut seruan pergi ke sana....

Buntu si A mengenai persoalan ini semua...

p/s:tidak ada kaitan dengan hidup atau mati.. pengalaman seseorang di olah semula...


I miss ..

I miss to talk a lot..
but my best frens not around me..

(confirm en.ahmad berkata.. i kan ada .. hehehe.. thanx you always be wif me :)

I miss to take pic..
but i don't have DSLR..

(en.hairee.. sgt beruntung yer ada banyak camera)

I miss to write ..
but i don't have a time to write

(kekurangan idea kerana tak selalu membaca, then berlambak ag asgnment nak kena buat)

I miss to shopping...
but i only do during holiday..

(hehehe.. nie secret nie.. rmai x tau aku banyak g jalan.. wakaka...spnjang sem ak cuci mata jer tgk bju.. skali holiday.. mesti merayap dgn akak ak g shopping! hahaha)

I miss to play game
but i don't have any game inside my laptop

(saya delete suma game.. bg mengelakkan addicted to all games! hahaha... oh .. i miss to play need for speed (carbon and most wanted) last time play wkt form 5! lama nyer..)

I miss to sleep a lot
but my class start at 8.30am every day! and dis sem is stress sem ...

(banyak nyer kerja nak kena buat .. haish.. kadang2 ak ponteng clas 8.30 tu kawan2 sebab malas bgn.. mengaku tu susah bangun.. hahahha)

I miss to read novel
but my text book subject MUST read first

(bile last skali,... baca novel??)

Its ok.. all the thing i miss.. I will do during holiday

(mcm senarai apa nak buat wkt holiday jer.. padahal final belum ag... project bakal tiba.. program ag dah berlambak.. oh yer..saya tak sakit.. Alhamdulillah.. result scanning ok everything.. lmbt nyer inform.. huhuhu.. sorry yer.. )

I miss blogging...
but i don't know what to write.. so i always go to facebook!



A week..

Monday.. Everything run smoothly..

3.15pm: Entah sapa la yg reload utk phone ak.. Thanx ya.. RM3... rezeki tu.. tp then...

4.00pm Fuh dgn penuh semangat nak beli buku networking.. dalam dompet dah ckup RM100 for dat book.. Tp mengenangkan duit dalam dompet tgl less than rm 20 kena la cucuk duit dulu kat bank muamalat...

4.28pm: sementara cucuk duit kat atm.. tgk plak orang sebelah aku tak boleh nak kuar duit.. B4 dat orang dpn aku pun xleh gak nak cucuk duit... ermm.. ak dalam hati just try..

Bile machine atm tu tulis.. amek duit.. muka ak dah happy la... Alhamdulillah bleh cucuk duit.. heheh..Then.. cube korang teka brapa ringgit kuar


mana bleh machine kuar RM5! Ak nak kuar RM50 nak makan apa Rm5 .. Then ak kuar dr bank... G beli buku coz nak rush.. time tu blur22 what should i do.. seriously.. ak x tau nak buat apa wkt tu.. hahahha...

Then.. after fikir balik lepas beli buku.. ak g balik bank.. tgk2 bank dah ttp...Adeh! Kena la g esk utk wat report pasal duit ak tak dapat RM50.. Huhuhu.. Sedih gak la duit kena telan rm45...Tp redha jer la.. :)

Wednesday : G bank muamalat wat report.. Alhamdulillah.. Pegawai bank tu ok and dia pun terkejut coz kuar rm5! hahha...

Ermmm.. then after buat report org tu kata dia akn inform later.. Wkt class networking ak dapat phone call from bank : machine kena run dulu and by this week dia akan inform back pasal duit ak.. Huhuhu.. Hopefully dapat la balik duit ku.. RM45 is still a big money for a student mcm ak...

at finance devision: dah update dah pasal duit mahallah tu! hehe...

Thursday: Hari nie... ak g check kat clinic uia.. Ada health problem sket.. Esk kena g medical check-up wat x-ray abdomen.. Hope everything ok.. InsyaAllah .. Amin Then, next week bg medical report kat doctor uia..

Harap2 aku shat.. Amin...


Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Somewhere over the rainbow
Way up high
And the dreams that you dreamed of
Once in a lullaby ii ii iii
Somewhere over the rainbow
Blue birds fly
And the dreams that you dreamed of
Dreams really do come true ooh ooooh
Someday I'll wish upon a star
Wake up where the clouds are far behind me ee ee eeh
Where trouble melts like lemon drops
High above the chimney tops thats where you'll find me oh
Somewhere over the rainbow bluebirds fly
And the dream that you dare to,why, oh why can't I? i iiii

Well I see trees of green and
Red roses too,
I'll watch them bloom for me and you
And I think to myself
What a wonderful world

Well I see skies of blue and I see clouds of white
And the brightness of day
I like the dark and I think to myself
What a wonderful world

The colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky
Are also on the faces of people passing by
I see friends shaking hands
Saying, "How do you do?"
They're really saying, I...I love you
I hear babies cry and I watch them grow,
They'll learn much more
Than we'll know
And I think to myself
What a wonderful world (w)oohoorld

Someday I'll wish upon a star,
Wake up where the clouds are far behind me
Where trouble melts like lemon drops
High above the chimney top that's where you'll find me
Oh, Somewhere over the rainbow way up high
And the dream that you dare to, why, oh why can't I? I hiii ?

Minggu nie maybe aku sgt strees.. tp xapa.. kite enjoy dgr lagu nie..
:) Teringat lak pasal sir DSA cakap pasal something.. then.. dia sebut pasal Somewhere over the rainbow?
Hehehe.. terus teringat my favorite song nie!


Volunteering at MOSC 2010

Kerja nyer nampak senang tapi mencabar..

Reporter a.k.a wartawan- Setiap bilik = 2 org- Mencatitkan apa kata-kata oleh speakers.- Biasanya duduk dibahagian depan kiri atau kanan dewan- Mencatatkan tajuk-tajuk penting dan highlight oleh speakers Floor Manager + Emcee

1st day..
Excited tu sampai datang ke Times square awal pkul 7!! orang lain pun x mandi ag... hahahha... Start memahami job aku as reporter... Prog flow..Aku kena tugas di bussiness track.. Ada speaker best.. And ada speaker x best langsung..
Speech dia take time 10 min only!!!

Speaker: Since i already gives this speech before. So .. i want stop now.. Any question

Muka sume orang cam terkejut. then ada la session argue and answer.. Bile dia jawab punya la slow and jawapan dia mmg x boleh di fahami.. Adeh!

Speaker from japan : Dr nie workhard gler utk bercakap english.. Nsb baik ler dia nyer slide in english... faham juga ler aku apa dia nak cakap..
Yg cute nyer.. Dia tulis "Slamat putan" maksud nyer selamat petang.. :)

Dr. Shinji Kobayashi
2nd day

wahai manusia yg brada di blik times square,ak tau best kat atas tp ak tgu kat bwh.. Trun la.. Haha

Since dia org sume duk dkt Hotel Berjaya Times Square and aku sorang jer duk rmh.. Agak jeles di sini yer.. coz they stay at 5 star hotel.. hahahha

2nd day

FB STATUS:2nd day MOSC2010, kan best kalau status fb pun bleh mng ps3! Haha.. Kna wat tweeter nie to win!

Sapa paling banyak tweet pasal #mosc2010 nie akan dapat ps3 .. Wooo.. aku sampai active tweeting through celcom sms... Hehehe.. But rite now dah stop.. membazir jer.. hahahha..
xpa next year.. try ag .. aku bawa laptop.. Leh kalahkan joshua yg menang ps3 tu!

2nd day nie duk kat developer track.. Yg best developer track nie... Klau isi hot ag panas tu confirm penuh bilik.. Plus.. dia nyer speaker sume best lah coz new things.. Sume muke excited jer.. Antara nyer

Open source for securing data with advanced Crypto-Steganography technology - Suhas Desai, Tech Mahindra, India
Beginning Smartphone Web Development - Bikesh, iTrain, Malaysia
Bikesh or mike.. mamat nie famous dgn ipad.. iphone ...


1 july 2010 is the last day of MOSC 2010 - come here at Level 14 Berjaya Times Square Hotel and Convention Center and visiting many interesting booth and meet up face to face with fabulous speakers and programmers from all over the world. Freebies and Lucky draw to be won

3rd day..
Aku kena tugas balik kat bussiness track... Oh.. Nsb baik la x brapa bosan...
Yg paling aku suka ofcoz Gorgeous Geek coz x bincang pasal business sgt and more towards women in IT development.. hehehe..
Dpt free gift from Gorgeous Geek and google..
The Important roles of Gorgeous Geeks for ICT Industry and Beyond - Alecia Heng, Gorgeous Geek, Malaysia
Google Maps - Heatmaps - Kerstin Pittl, DMSBT, Australia
Kerstin Pittl nie famous wkt dia kat developer track.. Hbs penuh dgn guys nak dgr dia bercakap.. Hehehhe..
Kerstin Pittl
My feeling during last day~

FB STATUS:Finally,.. I finish my work as volunteer at MOSC2010.. I will miss the environment.. With all the top speakers from around da world!! Cloud computing changing the world..

p/s: thanx
SAD123 walau x masuk class korang.. still leh join gak..
will miss the small burger.. kek.. buss track yg sometime ok.. sometime bored..
eveloper track yg kadang2 boleh penuh coz android and coding.. :)

Well basically.. Jadi volunteer utk prog mcm nie.. give me a lots of experience besides i gain lots2 of idea from the speakers top of da world! Thank you so much!!

all da pic during #MOSC2010

tp pic kite orang x banyak.. yg banyak nyer speaker jer.. hehhe

Volunteer from iium .. 3 MIA .. huhuhu
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