Macaroni Cream Cheese Sauce

Student get busy with their life and don't have time to cook. So they need a fast way too cook with simple ingredients to make a delicious dish like macaroni cheese. So , yesterday i and kak anis decide to cook macaroni cheese.

Here comes the ingredients:
1.Chicken- make it dices.
2.Cooking Oil.
3.Little bit of black paper.
5.Cream Cheese /white cream. But we preferred more on cream cheese. So cheezyyyyy

Note: You can add some of the vegetables too. Huhuhu.

1. Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil. Add macaroni and cook for 8 to 10 minutes or until drain. For me , i don't put salted but only some cooking oil and macaroni.
2. Heat the pan for a while , then cooked the chicken until half cooked.
3.Then put all the cream cheese into the pan before. If you want lots of cheese sauce add more cream cheese.
4. Add some salt and black paper.
5.Add some water.
6. Wait for a while until you can smell the cheezzyyy cream.

Then done! Easy rite.. hehehe.
*Oppss.. I don't have any picture because i and kak anis was too hungry until i forget to snap our macaroni cheese. Heheheh.*
Rupa dia lebih kurang macam nie la. :)


Seronok kalau masak hari-hari. hehe


  1. hehehe. yeah you should try it! its delicious

  2. Looks quite easy to do actually. I'm bad at cooking, but will give it a try someday. Thanks for the recipe :)


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