Friendship do's & Friendship don'ts

Friendship do's
.respect each others opinion
.accept the differences
.take care of each other feeling
.support each others back
.don't break the promises
.try to solving problem together
.meeting new friends
.laughing and have fun together
.believing each others
.sharing the succeed
.always spend time together
.put effort in2 the friendship
.be a good friend everyday
Friendship don'ts
.always fighting
.cancels plan
.judge a book by its cover
.negative talk
.no tolerance
.have a bad intention on friendship
Sebenarnya , aku dah jangka apabila aku lantang berbicara mungkin ramai tak suka.
Kerana aku tahu setiap orang dilahirkan dari different family background, different pendapat.
Tapi aku tak pernah nak memusuhi mana-mana pihak.
Aku tetap dengan cara aku. Aku akan berkawan dengan semua orang.
My political view, and your political view never affect our friendship. heheheh :)
Sorry la, aku nie memang lantang apabila berbicara :P
weiii dah ngantuk esk aku sambung... Tak larat nak fikir. hahahah :P


  1. to be a good friend is to be tolerant with each others, Muhasabah kan diri, and remember that action speaks louder then words

  2. thanx for reminding me. :)
    yeah.. action speaks louder than words


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