Aku jarang bagi review pasal computer, gadget, dan hal-hal yang sewaktu dengannya. Hahaha. Mungkin cuba untuk melarikan diri sebentar dengan dunia ICT nie.. Yeah.!! Tapi aku nak share satu benda yang menarik untuk anda semua iaitu Connectify.

Pernah tak korang rasa malas nak main guna computer and nak main internet dekat handphone. Rasa nak pergi ke luar , tapi takut tak ada internet. Pernah tak?? Hahaha.. Kalau pernah cuba download connectify nie coz dia boleh memancarkan balik semula internet dari modem rumah korang ke luar.

Jadi tak perlu rasa susah payah lagi, dengan connectify kita boleh guna internet computer menjadi mobile hot-spot.So apa lagi, try download connectify ! banyak benda anda boleh lakukan selepas ini. (Dah macam penjual barang pula dah)

The time when we carried one internet-enabled device on us is long past. Nowadays, nearly every portable device is outfitted with a wireless internet adapter, and yet logistics are lagging behind.
Hotel rooms, university dorms and offices often offer just a single wired connector, and unless you carry a router on you at all times, it means neglecting much of your technological capacity.
That is, unless you’re using Connectify, a novel piece of Windows routing software that can instantly transform your laptop into a mobile WiFi hotspot.


The prerequisites for using Connectify are simple; you need a Windows 7 laptop, with both a wired and a wireless network card. Connectify takes the internet connection from the wired input and uses the wireless technology in your laptop to create a hotspot.
mobile wifi hotspot
Once you’ve set up the hotspot, other devices can connect to the Internet through your laptop. At home, in a hotel or at your dorm; other computers, printers and gaming consoles can be connected wirelessly. When you’re out, Connectify allows you to connect with the mobile phones, laptops and netbooks of coworkers and friends. When traveling, you can pay for a single internet connection and get all your devices online.

How To Use It

First, connect your laptop to the Internet via a wired connection. If you need to enter login credentials, or an internet access code, do this first and run Connectify when you’ve confirmed Internet access locally. It’ll appear as a Wi-fi taskbar symbol. Use left-click to expand the application, or right-click to make some quick adjustments (shown below).


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