Maher Zain Live in Concert 2011


Yup like i said before , i have been waiting for something good for Saturday.
Maher Zain live in concert 2011 at Stadium Melawati Shah Alam.
My sister bought the ticket through online, one day after they advertised it at television.. Huhuh.. Since , my sister afraid that i will have exam or any test during Friday. That's why, she bought it on Saturday.Hehehe.. At that time, we buy the cheapest ticket RM53. But it's still cost a lot, for 3 person ticket!

For this concert, Me, Along and Angah(my cousin) was too excited to watch Maher Zain live in concert. However, this is not my first time watch Maher Zain sing live because,last year he came to my university.

Since along bought the ticket early so, the management upgrade our ticket from RM53 and became RM103. Yippee!!We are very lucky... We arrived at Stadium around 8.30 and queue for the ticket . There is one pakcik, was so angry when ticket counter give first to those bought through online.. Hello pakcik, don't be so angry. you watch Maher Zain concert not rock star concert. So ,please be patient. Besides, we bought it early than you pakcik and our ticket been upgraded. Don't get angry yeah pakcik.

Alamak edit nyer edit.. terang bebenor aku buat.. huhuhu

The first performance from Inteam, second from Irfan Makki. I am very sure Irfan Makki not well known in Malaysia.However, his song was really great, Mabrouk (you can watch it here) and Mother. Yeah, not to forget there is some part of the lyric he sing it in Malay language.

Then, there is gimmick from the announcer told that Maher zain was sick and cannot even sing one song to us. Yeah, i already started to believe that Maher Zain will not sing that nite, and i will be totally angry. Hahaha.. But its just a gimmick , and Maher Zain perform very well on first part of his performance. But, there is some of the song he sing not very well. Maybe , he too tired . I understand that. Huhuh..
However, song like Palestine and The Chosen One i can see it he sing it with full of energy and all out. There is special performance from Fadhil PADI (band from Indonesia) sing together with Maher Zain in InsyaAllah..

For the fourth performance, from Mesut Kurtis...I always remember one song that Maher Zain sing with Mesut Kurtis, which is Never Forget.. and from this song they brought little children some from Malaysia. They totally cute, and the best creature said Mesut Kurtis... Many song from Mesut Kurtis make us remember about Allah, and selawat towards our Prophet. I enjoy it, while listening it, we can remember Allah and selawat towards Rasullah.

Inside the stadium

Finale performance , from Maher Zain..Im sure, for the fan Maher Zain must listen to this song Allah hi Allah Kiya Karo. .. Hah. Now you remember.. huhuhu Actually, this song featuring with Irfan Makki... For the finale performance, Maher Zain sing For The Rest of my life and special new song Freedom.. It's totally awesome and great song. Not to forget, InsyaAllah in Malay version.When i listen it for the first time, i thought maybe there is a Malay guy sing it, but it wasn't. Maher Zain sing it without any slang and perfect Malay. huhuhu
Yeah, we ask many song from Maher Zain.but i just realised now that he not sing one song . Awaken!

Basically, it's worth it for me to watch Maher Zain concert because, when he make a mistake or forget the lyrics. He will sing it again. The audio system also great, and the team management are also great. Compared during his first time came to Malaysia ( i hear many bad story).
It's just like a "revenge" concert from Maher Zain to give a good performance to Malaysian people.hahahha.

I would like to give comment, for parents that bring baby.. Please!! Don't ever bring your baby to the concert. Did you all know, the sound will make your baby become DEAF..Poor the baby..I said this thing because, their parents sit in front of me .Alhamdulillah, that baby not crying and can sleep well even the sound was totallly loud there. I wonder, did they know how exactly sound at concert. Maybe they think , the concert just like at school concert. hahahha...

Lastly, thank you so much Along for buy the ticket.. I love you Along! Hehehe

p/s:Please forgive my grammatical error . I would like to improve my English, any mistake on my grammar you can comment it. Highly appreciated. Thank you.

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