Special thanx to all my team mate..
Question 2..
Section 35..
Instructor- Bro.Aliyu Dahiru..

All of u are great team member..
Sume buat kerja..
Sume bersatu-padu..
Thanx to kak zeehan and ain..
You both are great presenter!

Yeah!! Kita dapat pujian melambung2 dr lecture tu..
And they notice all of us wearing jubah hitam wif tudung pink..
except for our project manager (kak zeehan) and assistant project manager(ain)
wearing grey tudung..

I am lucky to be wif this team..
Not to forget.. Sal.. for always with me as a Program Coordinator..

Our project is "survey on campus without transportation"
So, we make one program from this question... Which is" walk of life-lets go green"

Supposed our presentation time at 10.20am but its extend until 12pm..Haish...
Here, some of da pic before and after the presentation..

Thanx to all of u .. I had a great time wif all of u.. Muaxx :x

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