I miss ..

I miss to talk a lot..
but my best frens not around me..

(confirm en.ahmad berkata.. i kan ada .. hehehe.. thanx you always be wif me :)

I miss to take pic..
but i don't have DSLR..

(en.hairee.. sgt beruntung yer ada banyak camera)

I miss to write ..
but i don't have a time to write

(kekurangan idea kerana tak selalu membaca, then berlambak ag asgnment nak kena buat)

I miss to shopping...
but i only do during holiday..

(hehehe.. nie secret nie.. rmai x tau aku banyak g jalan.. wakaka...spnjang sem ak cuci mata jer tgk bju.. skali holiday.. mesti merayap dgn akak ak g shopping! hahaha)

I miss to play game
but i don't have any game inside my laptop

(saya delete suma game.. bg mengelakkan addicted to all games! hahaha... oh .. i miss to play need for speed (carbon and most wanted) last time play wkt form 5! lama nyer..)

I miss to sleep a lot
but my class start at 8.30am every day! and dis sem is stress sem ...

(banyak nyer kerja nak kena buat .. haish.. kadang2 ak ponteng clas 8.30 tu kawan2 sebab malas bgn.. mengaku tu susah bangun.. hahahha)

I miss to read novel
but my text book subject MUST read first

(bile last skali,... baca novel??)

Its ok.. all the thing i miss.. I will do during holiday

(mcm senarai apa nak buat wkt holiday jer.. padahal final belum ag... project bakal tiba.. program ag dah berlambak.. oh yer..saya tak sakit.. Alhamdulillah.. result scanning ok everything.. lmbt nyer inform.. huhuhu.. sorry yer.. )

I miss blogging...
but i don't know what to write.. so i always go to facebook!


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