Wat aku lomah betul!

Next time b4 ak nak upload picture.. kena lah edit dulu.. malas la.. huhuhu.. tp bese la..
dah ko upload gmbr kat tnet.. then, org copy paste la... itu lah risiko internet..

Mo. family Christmas photo turns up in

Czech ad

In this Oct. 26, 2008 photo released by the Smith family, Danielle Smith and her AP – In this Oct. 26, 2008 photo released by the Smith family, Danielle Smith and her husband Jeff are seen …

ST. LOUIS – It's an international mystery: How did a Missouri family's Christmas card photo end up in the Czech Republic, splashed across a huge storefront advertisement? Danielle Smith said Wednesday that the photo taken of her family last year got sent to family and friends, and was posted on her blog and a few social networking sites. The photo showed her and her husband Jeff holding their two young children.

About 10 days ago, one of Smith's college friends was driving through Prague when he spotted their huge smiling faces in the window of a store specializing in Europeann food. He snapped a few pictures and sent them to a flabbergasted Smith.

"It's a life-size picture in a grocery store window in Prague — my Christmas card photo!" said Smith, 36, who lives in the St. Louis suburb of O'Fallon.

Mario Bertuccio, who owns the Grazie store in Prague, said the photo was from the Internet. Details were sparse, but he said he thought it was computer-generated. When told it was a real photo — of a real family — he said he started taking steps to remove it.

"We'll be happy to write an e-mail with our apology," said Bertuccio, who said he would send the Smiths a bottle of good wine if they lived in his eastern European country.

The Smiths and photographer Gina Kelly hadn't authorized anyone to use the pictures. Kelly said she has asked a professional photographers' organization to help figure out how her image wound up in Prague.

Smith has gotten 180,000 hits to her Web site since she recently posted the story about the well-traveled snapshot. She said the photo wasn't used in an unseemly manner, it was just used to tell potential shoppers about the store's delivery service.

Smith said next time she posts a photo on the Internet, she's going to lower the resolution or add an electronic watermark to make it hard to reproduce.

"This story doesn't frighten me, but the potential frightens me," Smith said.


Associated Press Writer Karel Janicek in Prague contributed to this report.


On the Net:

Danielle Smith's blog: http://www.extraordinarymommy.com/blog

Kalau korg tgk blog dia.. mst ko ckp.. kurang ajar btul org tu.. suka ati amek picture ak dia wat iklan plak... ish..ish...

Yg nie ak nampak kat yahoo then copy paste..

atau dlm bahasa melayu nyer tiru dan tampal.. hahahhaha...


  1. lerr...
    Mati2 ak ingt gamba family ko yg kuar.. Huhu

  2. kalau gmbr famly ak kuar.. famous famly ak satu dunia.. hahah..
    then ak saman org tu juta2.. fuh! pakcik kayo!.. hahha

  3. haha~~ hairee ko wat lawak lak ek~~

    Pasni kite tangkap gambar satu klass pastu suwuh diorang wat jadik iklan kanak2 riang ek~~


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