Crying for homework?

Did you ever crying because doing homework?? I never!!
When i was a kids .. Hehehe.. Don't tell to my standard one teacher Pn. Mariam
i always ask my sister to do my homework.. Hahaha.. Just ABC and 123... ONLY DURING STANDARD ONE... huhuhu
If right now i do it, confirm in just half and hour i've already done it!! Hehehe..

If i look at my younger sister and 2 younger brother.. I will remember how their attitude during doing homework..

  1. Akmal- He never seems like to do any homework.. I think till now.. He never do it home work( dah form 4 .. x sdar diri ag)... Always with his guitar.. Even, during his secondary school.. Usually, my sister will do his homework ..(same like me??.. nehh.. I more clever than him.. Hahahha)
  2. Najlaa- she never like others do her homework.. Till now i said to her.. If she don't know anything just ask me.. But she seems like understand everything.. So, better let her do home work by herself...hahahha
  3. When it comes to my little youngest brother... He totally different from his brother and sister...
Harith.. He will cry doing homework... CRY?? huhu.. Yes it's true.. When i do..
He said wrong... If i didn't care about his homework.. He will cry...
He only do parts for drawing, colouring only!!!...

So.. how to help my brother doing homework???

I bored rite now...

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