Children of Heaven

Assalamualaikum, last two weeks my information literacy lectures give a task to our group to watch and give a review about the fantastic movie that has being win Best Film from 11th International Film Festival which is Children of Heaven.


This story about, Ali is a nine-year-old boy living with his family in poverty. Entrusted by his sick mother to run errands, Ali takes his sister's shoes to shoemaker. On his way home, he loses the newly repaired shoes. Frightened to tell their parents the truth, Ali and his sister Zahra devise a plan to share one pair of shoes between them. Zahra wears them to school early morning, and then runs to meet Ali who wears them to his evening classes.

As we can see from this part, both of them are sharing the same shoes, even though Zahra knows that shoes is not suitable for girls like her and big size than her own shoes. For Ali, these shoes will make both of them save from being scold by their father and will make Zahra feel happy because she still can wear a shoe to school. This simple premise is the basis for a deceptively powerful film, which focuses on a humanistic story of great depth.


Children of Heaven excel when they shows the reality of life in Tehran. The contrast between the plight of the poor and the rich is bringing keenly into focus when Ali and his father go into the city in search of gardening work. It’s show that Ali helps his father by communicate with the high people because he know more about how to speak to these people than his father does.

Besides that, we can see their mother always praise Ali and Zahra because both of them always help their parents, even though they are still kids and have a desire to play a game with their friends but they still help their parents. For example, Zahra help her mother by taking care of her younger brothers and cook a food for family because her mother was sick.


Value of loving can see in this movie when Ali works hard at school, but when he wins a prize his first thought is of his sister. He gives her his hard-earned gold pen by way of an apology for losing her lovely pink shoes. Later, it is through school that Ali learns of a way to try to win a pair of trainers, which he determines to do so his sister can sell them and buy herself some new shoes.

Besides that, their father loves them because still want to give best education to his child, even though they are poor. In the last scene from this movie shows that their father buy a two new pairs of shoes probably for them. So, from my understanding their father loves them and buy a new shoes for his children.

Bad Ending??

At first, I was though this movie might be bored because from my experience Iran’s movie was bored and usually their scoop of films only about one theme. However, in these films, their one theme makes it the films become more excited because the audience wants to know how these movies end. Either Zahra gets a new shoe or not. Unfortunately, this movie end by shows that Ali got win a first place and not 3rd place just like they want because of the 3rd place prizes are sneakers. It makes the audience have to thinks by it self. Most of my friends said end of these movies are bored and makes us to thinks. Anyway, these movies make me remember about my child time that gives me a warm feeling. Thank you for this story. To read interview with director of this story click this-> Children of heaven.

Some of children of heaven scene:-

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